Rogue Advocates Submits Testimony on Oregon HB 2655

Rogue Advocates
2 min readFeb 3, 2021


House Bill 2655 has been introduced by representatives Zika, DB Smith and Owens and is scheduled for the House Committee on Housing on Thursday, February 4th at 8:00 a.m.

The summary of the bill is that it “prohibits counties from establishing minimum lot size of more than one acre for residential zoned land.”

Read Craig Anderson’s, Land Use Programs Manager, testimony submitted on behalf of Rogue Advocates at this link.

Excerpts from Craig’s testimony outline Rogue Advocates’ position on HB 2655.

  • The line between what constitutes “rural” and “urban” residential development in Oregon is well- established. It is reflected in the planning documents used in every county in Oregon. It is reflected in over 40 years of case law. And it is reflected in the geography of our state. That line is 2 acres.
  • Reasons this number was chosen include direct impacts on public health and safety.
  • In Jackson County the minimum rural residential lot size is 2.5 acres. Residential lot sizes of a higher density (e.g., 1-acre minimum lot size) are considered “urban lands.” There are completely different provisions of state and local law that apply to these different densities. Entire communities are defined by these differences. Sewer line and sidewalk extensions — along with numerous other urban-level infrastructure and services — are planned and determined based on the line between “urban” and “rural.”

Read the full testimony here.



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