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Rogue Advocates has filed an appeal of Jackson County’s approval of the Box R Ranch Conditional Use Permit to authorize an aggregate mine on a 42-acre parcel zoned forest resource. The site is about 1 1/2 miles south of Hwy 66 near Lincoln school in the Greensprings. Access has been granted by BLM over their road system to Hwy 66. The property is fully surrounded by Siskiyou Monument lands and pristine Keene Creek flows through the site. The Rowlett family owns the parcel and for decades have used the shale deposit for their own use without permits (allowed). …

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  • Help stop the rezone of 837 acres of farmland in Columbia County. 1000 Friends of Oregon, along with Farmer Advisory Committee member Mike Seely, are fighting the Port of Columbia County’s third attempt to rezone 837 acres of farmland adjacent to the Seely mint farm to industrial use. The focus of the rezone application is compatibility with adjacent uses. Any direct experience you can offer about how industrial zoned land has negatively affected adjacent farms (even if is not in Columbia County) strengths our case. We’re looking for examples of farm/industrial conflict throughout Oregon. If you have an example please let me know. Comments are due December 7. You are also welcome to join a webinar on Monday, November 23 6–7 p.m. …

The Land Conservation and Development Commission is proposing temporary rule changes to allow interim housing on lands outside of the Urban Growth Boundaries as a result of wildfire displacement.

Rogue Advocates is concerned that the proposed language in the draft rule changes in conjunction with enforcement practice in Jackson County may result in the permanent establishment of nonconforming residential land uses.

On the question of need, we note the following:

•In response to the Almeda Fire, a temporary shelter was set up at the Jackson County Expo. The use of the Expo as a shelter has been discontinued due to a lack of need. …


Rogue Advocates

Rogue Advocates is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to cultivating livable communities in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley region.

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